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Challenging terrain or a relentless road? Both are a drudgery. Joy. Obstacles. Feeling of victory. Clothes intended for performance sports must be able to sustain with honour all challenging situations.

Silvini is a fair, purely Czech brand, closely specialized in technocal sportswear. Silvini are experts on both cycling and cross-country skiing. The brand is made of people who live for sports and focus on perfectly fitting sportswear.

Even though most frequent customers are hobby sportsmen, Silvini have decided to create a range of clothing specially designed for maximum sports performance. Silvini emphasize the fact that active athletes, for whom sport is a way of life, also find what they need in their collection. Silvini want their clothing to help everyone push their own limits.

Product development & design, cuts and all strategic activities necessary for the perfect functioning of the brand take place in the Czech Republic. Goods are produced in China, in carefully selected factories, supervised by Silvini’s own quality manager, who precisely oversees the manufacturing, following all procedures and high standards. This distinguishes Silvini from companies that simply import Chinese goods. Silvini have chosen to produce their products in Asia, as currently there is no else better in the market than China, who could provide such high level technologies, materials and processing value compared to the price.

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